Summer ascend to chasing waterfalls!

May 13, 2018. 12:20am. Mt Cayabu to Mt. Maynuba in Rizal. People go to pools resorts and beaches to cool down. We go up the mountains and explore waterfalls – eight of them – to chill! Lezzgo!   Check out the full story here Summer’s Last Hurray! Feel free to like and share! -Sojourner-

ATV Adventure in Rizal!

May 1, 2018. Rizal. Labor day, or non-labor day for this matter. What’s a better way to make this memorable than an ATV adventure. Lezzgo!   Check this page out for the full story What to do on Labor Day? I would love to try other adventures next time and your suggestions are welcome. Hugs!…

Camping at Ten Cents to Heaven

12.31.2017. New Year’s eve goals! Lovely place to chill… They have a garden, a pool, cafe, team building facility, spa facility, activities, and open cabanas to just relax in.   Check out their Facebook page for reservation on accomodation.

Treasure Mountain

Nov. 15-16, 2017. Tanay, Rizal. We all need a time and place where we can be alone and just reflect and think. This place is a resting place for me. Hiked and camped here alone. And it was wonderful and amazing and just – beyond description! I can still recall it up to this writing….

Shercon Resort and Ecology Park

Sep 10, 2017. A random suggestion from a friend. Initial plan was a day tour but the wonderful place enticed us to stay over night..and justice was served! Hands down.

My first major climb – Mt. Damas!

Aug. 26-27. Mt. Damas and Ubod Falls. I did not aim for the major climb. I just knew I am on holiday break and want to spend it memorably. So, I urged my friend to do something during that day. We both agreed to climb a mountain! We were joiners to the mountain climbing event,…

Mall of Asia

Healing time. I decided to take a walk. A short trip rather. At 5:45am. It was a little early but the best time to wander. Shops are still closed. No crowd. Not a lot of noise except from early riser construction workers beside the mall. The bayside road is busy with joggers and bikers. If you have…

A Taste of South Korea

Oct. 16, 2014. Seoul. While shopping and walking around Ehwa Women’s University, we saw this awesome place! Cafe’s are definitely on our list to visit and our impulsive side prompted us to push open that door to a Cat Cafe out of schedule. Being surrounded with cats of all kinds, colors and attitude is just too giddy-ous (if that is even…

Nami Island Adventure!

Oct. 18, 2014 @ 1:34pm. It was literally an adventure. First off, the travel took us an hour (or more), train transfers of 3 (or more), and missed the bus to Nami Island! You don’t need a detailed instruction on how to get there really. All you need is time – an early wake-up alarm at 6am, breakfast…

Autumn at the Peak of Bukhansan!

Oct. 17, 2014 | South Korea Day 2. In the itinerary was climbing Bukhansan! I used to say Bukhansan Mountain. And then I realized “-san” within the word means mountain or so. Thus, saying Bukhansan Mountain is redundant. See, it is never too late to learn and correct a mistake! The climb took us almost 4hours since…