Summer ascend to chasing waterfalls!

May 13, 2018. 12:20am. Mt Cayabu to Mt. Maynuba in Rizal. People go to pools resorts and beaches to cool down. We go up the mountains and explore waterfalls – eight of them – to chill! Lezzgo!   Check out the full story here Summer’s Last Hurray! Feel free to like and share! -Sojourner-

Camping at Ten Cents to Heaven

12.31.2017. New Year’s eve goals! Lovely place to chill… They have a garden, a pool, cafe, team building facility, spa facility, activities, and open cabanas to just relax in.   Check out their Facebook page for reservation on accomodation.

Treasure Mountain

Nov. 15-16, 2017. Tanay, Rizal. We all need a time and place where we can be alone and just reflect and think. This place is a resting place for me. Hiked and camped here alone. And it was wonderful and amazing and just – beyond description! I can still recall it up to this writing….

Shercon Resort and Ecology Park

Sep 10, 2017. A random suggestion from a friend. Initial plan was a day tour but the wonderful place enticed us to stay over night..and justice was served! Hands down.

My first major climb – Mt. Damas!

Aug. 26-27. Mt. Damas and Ubod Falls. I did not aim for the major climb. I just knew I am on holiday break and want to spend it memorably. So, I urged my friend to do something during that day. We both agreed to climb a mountain! We were joiners to the mountain climbing event,…

Blue Bay Walk | UCC Clockwork

We came looking for good coffee and look what we found! My friend and I rated the cafe/resturant as an 8.5-9 out of 10. It would have been a 10 for me if there were something else to view aside from the television re-running Coffee interviews and the Barista doing his thing. He was so fine though…

First Morning Walk for 2017

One of the goals this year is to stay fit, enjoy the sunrise and take in fresh air which is best in the morning!

Mall of Asia

Healing time. I decided to take a walk. A short trip rather. At 5:45am. It was a little early but the best time to wander. Shops are still closed. No crowd. Not a lot of noise except from early riser construction workers beside the mall. The bayside road is busy with joggers and bikers. If you have…

Looking up!

As a girl who grew up in the mountains, in the middle of vegetable gardens, I had these peculiar interest in lying down on the grass and just staring at the sky. And for some reason, I find comfort. Calmness. Like everything just turned happier and the world is more peaceful. And there is that smile…

Beat the Heat: Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa

May 5, 2015. Summer this year came quiet late. April was still not that super humid. However, when May came, the excessive sweating due to just a little physical activity was unbearable! And so we decided to do some overdue relaxation activity. Luljetta’s Spa package: sauna, hydro pool swimming, hot jacuzzi dip and a full body massage!