Camp John Hay

Camp John Hay, Baguio City. October 7, 2018. This place is no longer what it used to. But, I would say, it is better. You can walk from the main gate to Gate 3 Exit, passing by awesome places to hang out or chill in.

Camping at Ten Cents to Heaven

12.31.2017. New Year’s eve goals! Lovely place to chill… They have a garden, a pool, cafe, team building facility, spa facility, activities, and open cabanas to just relax in.   Check out their Facebook page for reservation on accomodation.

Blue Bay Walk | UCC Clockwork

We came looking for good coffee and look what we found! My friend and I rated the cafe/resturant as an 8.5-9 out of 10. It would have been a 10 for me if there were something else to view aside from the television re-running Coffee interviews and the Barista doing his thing. He was so fine though…

On the day the nation is one in cheering for the Champ!

May 3, 2015. The streets are void of the usual crowd. Is it because its a Sunday? Or because it is the day? Anyway, so my friend and I though this is a perfect day to wander around Makati City for cafes! Paris Delice | Bel-Air, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines Conclusion: They look appetizing but I don’t think I…

A Taste of South Korea

Oct. 16, 2014. Seoul. While shopping and walking around Ehwa Women’s University, we saw this awesome place! Cafe’s are definitely on our list to visit and our impulsive side prompted us to push open that door to a Cat Cafe out of schedule. Being surrounded with cats of all kinds, colors and attitude is just too giddy-ous (if that is even…