My first major climb – Mt. Damas!

Aug. 26-27. Mt. Damas and Ubod Falls.

I did not aim for the major climb. I just knew I am on holiday break and want to spend it memorably. So, I urged my friend to do something during that day. We both agreed to climb a mountain!

We were joiners to the mountain climbing event, so are some few. Which we made friends with. Ain’t that awesome?!

It was a challenging climb. The climb was difficult even for someone who grew up in the mountains like me. Slippery due to the recent typhoon; steep like a ladder; if you are not wearing gloves, arm sleeve and leggings, you will be more bruised than someone who’s had his/her heart broken. Lol!

But man, the 360-degree view at the top is all worth it. The traverse along the river and the falls was the best part for me!

Feel free to say wow –

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