Mall of Asia

Healing time.

I decided to take a walk. A short trip rather. At 5:45am. It was a little early but the best time to wander.


Shops are still closed. No crowd. Not a lot of noise except from early riser construction workers beside the mall.


The bayside road is busy with joggers and bikers.


If you have one second left, will you decide impulsively? Or remain the chill person you are – won’t let time pressure you?


It always feels nice being at the top. But being there for a long time will make you sick.


Enjoy the view then come down.


Are you still a believer of lovelocks? I think love should grow to friendship and not familiarity. Because if it was love, there is always falling out of love. Friendship won’t. They part for a while but no one will notice the time and distance once reunited.


Smile. Celebrate success. Smile. Enjoy every little good thing that happened. Smile. Appreciate any good change. Smile. Because tomorrow is another day. Smile. Because it will always turn out good even if it looks hopeless at the moment.


Because it is never hopeless. The ocean may seem like infinity but it isn’t. Somewhere out there is a harbor. Where you can dock and rest.


…healing through nature. Daze off on trees. It brings that magical calmness.


Don’t forget to enjoy a cup of coffee. Ask an extra shot of espresso. Don’t hesitate to add 2 more packs of sugar. Drown it with fresh milk.

…or soy milk! 🙂


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