A Taste of South Korea

Oct. 16, 2014. Seoul.

Joey's Cat Cafe in Ehwa Women's University.
Joey’s Cat Cafe in Ehwa Women’s University.

While shopping and walking around Ehwa Women’s University, we saw this awesome place! Cafe’s are definitely on our list to visit and our impulsive side prompted us to push open that door to a Cat Cafe out of schedule. Being surrounded with cats of all kinds, colors and attitude is just too giddy-ous (if that is even a word!). It’s a coffee shop by the way.

A Twosome Place!
A Twosome Place in Hongdae.

Breakfast was perfect! Chilly weather, freshly brewed coffee with toasted bread topped with cheese and some herbs and i cannot remember the filling anymore but it was so good!

Dunkin Donuts in Hongdae.
Dunkin Donuts in Hongdae.

Nothing can beat breakfast of hot brewed coffee and the typical ham sandwich! It was all normal breakfast except that it was a rainy day and the atmosphere was just so nostalgic! You get what I mean, right? By the way, this was our last day in Seoul and it felt as if the city was one with us, not wanting to board the plane off to Jeju.

Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae.
Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae.

A lot of girls are inlove with this cafe! I’m sure the place was awesome but I have learned the art of appreciating the less travelled path better (especially if you are on a budget). Usually, it is the famous and known that are most expensive. So we thought, its a pass for now.

Feast of pork barbecue!
A feast of Korean pork barbecue!

Black Pork Street in Jeju. We can’t even find the word to describe the experience! The side dishes added balance and maintained that freshness that will keep one’s appetite rolling. I think that if we ordered another serve of pork meat, we would have been able to finish it all if not because of our inflexible intestines!

Custard filled Manjoos!
Custard filled Manjoos!

Sweets. I mean, there are just a lot to eat, or atleast, be tasted! And don’t limit yourself when you get there. If you see one and it looks edib-ly good, don’t hesitate, just go for it! Man, you will never know how you will love it.

Kimchi stew!
Kimchi stew!

Kimchi chiggae. This was our first meal when we stepped into Seoul! Perfect meal to warm up and adjust on the cold Autumn weather.

And my personal favorite of street food!

Fish cake (odeng) - ultimate favorite!
Fish cake (odeng) – ultimate favorite! Go figure, it’s a shot from my itouch (autofocus not working)! Blah!
Sweet and spicy chicken, yummy!
Sweet and spicy chicken, yummy! The sauce was so good!

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