Autumn at the Peak of Bukhansan!

Bukhansan Peak at the bloom of Autumn
A bath of Autumn!

Oct. 17, 2014 | South Korea Day 2. In the itinerary was climbing Bukhansan!

I used to say Bukhansan Mountain. And then I realized “-san” within the word means mountain or so. Thus, saying Bukhansan Mountain is redundant. See, it is never too late to learn and correct a mistake!

The climb took us almost 4hours since we didn’t have any guide unlike in my country where even the easiest trek gets one. I guess its for accountability <*shrug*>. Luckily, 2 ahjussi caught up with us midway and were kind enough to tag us along and even share their lunch with us. The reviews said the climb will only take around 2hours. I guess that is true if you do mountain climbing as a hobby or a career. So, a little advise, give yourself an allowance in all your planned activities.

The autumn leaves were mesmerizing. You can say that a couple of the factors that lagged us behind was the time it took for us admiring the colorful trees and too much stopping just to take pictures . We never regretted the pain and sore thighs for the rest of our stay in South Korea after we reached the peak of the mountain. You can see a good view of Seoul and a little bit of Namsan Tower! So beautiful!

In this case, I will agree with Miley Cyrus on her song The Climb.

Here are a few more pictures. It would be a shame not to post them. It was a very beautiful day then!

I have no idea what tree this was but it was so beautiful!
I have no idea what tree this was but it was simply beautiful!
Bukhansan Peak!
Bukhansan Peak!
View of Seoul from Bukhansan
View of Seoul from the mountain peak!
The helpful ahjussis
The helpful ahjussis.

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